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About Us

Welcome to SK Japan Export Co. Ltd.

We are Japanese Domestic Car Sale Also We Do A Vehicle Maintenance Work Shop Together. Also We Have All Japanese Auction Memberships And We Can Buy Anytime By Online And We Keep Some Number Of Vehicle Stocks. Also We Can Prepare The Company Ordered Brand New Vehicles.

We Have Lot Of Options To Find Your Dream Vehicle

SK Japan Export Co. Ltd.
Who we are

SK Japan Export Co. Ltd. is an innovative company dedicated to providing the global market with the найти работу в перми Highest quality Japanese car. Our focus is on the superior customer satisfaction for our valued Clients. Our goal is nothing less than exceeding your expectations.

What we do
Japan is home to the world's strongest manufacturers of automobiles. The names Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda all speak for themselves. They are signature brands of top quality and highly Reliable vehicles. SK Japan Export Co. Ltd. primary business is exporting second-hand Japanese vehicles To countries around the world.
Business Philosophy
We at SK Japan Export Co. Ltd. believe that exporting vehicles is a customer satisfying process and that our Customers' growth reflects our own growth. Hence, customer satisfaction lies at the heart of all Operations. We are committed to deliver maximum value to our customers by helping them find Their dream vehicle.
  • To Understand Customer Needs
  • Build Partnerships
  • Confidence and Trust

SK Japan Export Co. Ltd.


1-39-8 Uehara, Shibuya-Ku, Toyko, Japan 151-0064

Mr. Emran



+81-50-3748-0319, +81-3-4578-9778




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February 2015

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